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How to start your 2017 off on a good food, fitness and spiritual note

¬†Welcome to day one of what is going to be an amazing, healthy and blessed year! We all know that starting a new year means a fresh start and hopefully a full set of new goals. I love nothing more than new opportunities, challenges and systems put in place so I can rock my daily, weekly and monthly goals. So, with that all said – Let’s jump right into it and talk about how we can help you reach YOUR GOALS!

You have thought about them all… Your dreams, wants and desires headed into the new year. Places you want to go, personal items you want to own and perhaps things you want to change. You probably have a whole slew of topics you have thought about for the last few years and now is the day you want to get after achieving them.

I believe “new years resolutions” are bogus if no plan of attack is put into place properly. You might do it for a week and then due to lack of accountability you get lazy and fall right back into what you’ve been doing all along.¬†So, where do you start? Find an accountability partner and a notebook or calendar that has space to write in. Your accountability partner should be someone whom you trust, who shares similar values and tastes. They need to be able to check up on you and follow up with the goals that you verbalize to them. Make sure they write this down in a note on their phone or on a sticky note that they’ll see periodically. Have them set a reminder on their phone to ask you about it, you can do the same for them if they also share their goals with you. You can choose to have them check up on you daily, weekly, monthly depending on how much of a push you feel you need to stay on track with the goals you’re about to set for the year. Next, find yourself a notebook/journal, big or small, pretty or plain. A calendar with extra pages to write in will work too. This you can decorate or customize any way you’d like so that you can write your goals in it and be excited about it when you see it, after all you’ll be looking at this more than once because you are following through this time! Write today’s date on the page along with whatever you want to title your food, fitness and spiritual goals for 2017. Let us start with food goals!

personal notebook
This is my personal notebook

Now we are calling them FOOD GOALS because “diet” has a start and end date, a healthy, well balanced food plan has no end. You are setting yourself up for food consumption success forever, no diets! What is your goal? What do you want to see yourself consuming? What do you want to stop consuming (liquids included)? What do you want to come of these goals? What end result of the change? This will likely be a permanent change, for example, by stopping my daily consumption of diet soda pop I hope to replace it with flavored sparkling water and see a change in my weight and skin complexion and by limiting my intake of red meat and other fatty foods I hope to see a natural drop in my weight and cholesterol, etc. These are just general examples of what some of your food and drink goals can look like. If you need help figuring out what these goals need to be please email me and I will gladly go over all of it with you and design a great plan for you. As you see your goals need to be paired with an outcome, what you want to see as a result of the changes you are going to make. These can be changed and modified as you go through them. Some will prove to not work or not happen as a result of just one change. Modification is okay, quitting is not! Once you have all of your food goals and outcomes written out, come up with a timeline that you want to have each change made by. Some changes may take time as your body will have to detox from some of the things you are taking out and replacing. Make sure no matter what your food or liquid goals are that WATER makes its face as a top priority in your daily life. This will make any changes much easier to accomplish. You can also add a plan for when you are dinning out. I can elaborate in a separate post about making healthy food choices no matter where you are eating. YOU CAN DO THIS! If no one else is there for you as an accountability partner, I will be! Just reach out please

junk food
Foods to cut out and avoid

Repeat the same process for writing down your fitness and exercise goals, you can use the same accountability partner for these goals or choose a workout buddy. What you will need to add to this one is a what, where, when and how often. This will greatly differ depending on your work and family schedule. Nothing else should get in your way! Excuses aren’t built into goals! Your “what” part will consist of what type of fitness or exercise goal you want to make, based on what you want to achieve. Be realistic. This can include changes in weight be it up or down, including muscle gain (a small amount of muscle weighs more than a large amount of fat, keep that in mind). Also include what kind of exercise you want to be doing to help you achieve these goals. If you need help deciding what type of exercise will help you accomplish your goals feel free to ask! “Where” will be where you are doing these exercises. A gym, at home, at the park, with a personal trainer, off of a video, internet blog you follow etc. “When” and “how often” needs to be specific to what days of the week and times of the day you will be implementing your exercise plan. You can keep track of this daily to help you stay on track. I like using one of these organizational sheets that I found on Etsy. Classes at the gym are very helpful when trying to start up a new plan. They have all kinds of classes and times that range from early AM to late in the PM. There will be something for you no matter what and where you do it. Set yourself a daily reminder like an alarm to help you make this goal happen. Again, if you need ideas, please please reach out. I am here to help and support!

daily organizer page
Daily organizer I love using

Finally on a spiritual note. This goal doesn’t mean you have to start going to church tomorrow. It is simply a goal to help align your mind, body and soul. Something to help you relax, and stay level headed throughout this new year. So, no more xanax needed! We are going to keep your cool naturally. Your spiritual goals can range from daily meditation, a cup of tea and a Bible passage, using essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic, going on long walks, hypnosis, yoga, stretching, attending a bible study, returning to church, temple etc. It can even be as simple as journaling. You know what helps settle your mind from day to day. It might seem like just another task but if it helps you keep your cool it is worth it for the rest of your overall health to just do it! For me personally I know that yoga keeps my anxiety at bay, and I mean like ZERO anxiety! This has been so crucial to this pregnancy for me as I have not been able to do my normal extreme training. When I have clearance to restart my training I will be alternating extreme training, with yoga and regular weight lifting. That accompanied by my use of essential oils, weekly couples or women’s bible study group and attending our non-denominational church weekly are my spiritual goals that keep me mentally aligned. Start simple, especially if you are starting from nothing. Think about what makes you calm, happy and warm. Use that as your goal, write down how often you will do this. Share this goal with your accountability partner and set yourself a daily reminder if needed.

yoga mat with favorites on it
A few of my favorite things

I truly hope that these ideas are something that will help you jump into this new year on the healthiest note possible. I have a few health and wellness challenges that will be launching soon that you are more than welcome to join if interested. These challenges have all of the accountability built in for you. If you need any ideas, clarification or help in any of these areas, please comment or email me. I would love to help you in any way that I can. I pray you all have a blessed new year and achieve and exceed all of your goals! Stay tuned for helpful tips and recipes to go with this years goals. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Love organically, Mom

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